Highly Interactive Virtual Tours

Bring virtual property viewing to a whole new level.

With highly immersive and interactive features, our virtual tours allow potential buyers to fully explore a property. It’s as though you are giving a guided tour in real life!

Live Guided Tours

What’s a tour without a guide? Setup a video call with potential buyers and show them around the property as part of the virtual tour.

Video Call + Virtual Tour

Our virtual tours come with a video call feature making it extremely convenient to start a guided tour. Both the host and potential buyers can join a video call from within the virtual tour itself.


Give a guided tour by taking over the screens of potential buyers or let them explore the property on their own. It’s up to you!

Interactivity That Works

Answer potential buyers’ questions in real time as they tour the property virtually.

Animated Virtual Host

Turn yourself into a virtual host and give an introduction within the virtual tour itself. The virtual host is pre-created and is always available within the virtual tour.

Personal Branding

Our animated host feature is great for personal branding and allows you to build up confidence and credibility with potential buyers.

Customer Experience

By becoming a part of the virtual tour, it allows you to deliver a level of customer service that potential buyers won’t experience with an ordinary virtual tour.

Virtual Hotspots

Hotspots can be placed anywhere within the virtual tour to provide useful information to potential buyers. Simply click on the hotspot to reveal these information which can be presented via the following formats.

  • Web links

  • Videos

  • Images

  • Voice-overs

Toggle between different languages

Virtual Space. Standalone Website.

Each of our virtual tour for property viewing can come with all the information you need to convey to potential buyers. This includes floor plans, photo albums, location information, contact details and more.

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360 Property Tours

Basic Features

All our property tours come with the following basic features.
  • Video call feature supporting multiple participants for live guided tours.

  • Basic property and location information via tabs and pop-ups.

  • VR Ready
  • Photo editing and processing

  • High-quality licensed music
  • 6-months free hosting (on 360tours.sg)

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